What to Consider When Choosing a Suitable Transparent Heater?


The transparent heater is a new type of transparent PET material. It has the characteristics of self-controlled temperature heating. When the transparent heater is energized, the impact current causes its temperature to rise rapidly, and the tissue of the transparent heater immediately enters the high-resistance active zone. Only the residual current keeps the surface temperature of the transparent heater at a constant value. At this time, the equilibrium temperature and The influence of ambient temperature is basically irrelevant.

transparent heater

The characteristics of transparent heaters are as follows:

1. High reliability and safety

2. The heat is easy to adjust

3. Low requirements for power supply stability

4. The amount of heat generated can be automatically adjusted as the ambient temperature changes.

5. Fast response time

transparent heater

Appearance of transparent heating plate

Transparent heaters can be made into a variety of shapes and structures and specifications according to the needs of heating products. The most commonly used shapes are strips, discs, rings, etc. The basic heating units of various high-power transparent heating devices are formed by a combination of the above transparent heaters and metal components.

Transparent heater selection

The characteristics and quality of transparent heaters in use are key factors that directly determine the performance of transparent heater products. So the main parameters to consider when choosing a suitable transparent heater:

1. Normal temperature voltage: used for 1-220V

2. Insulating material: transparent PET

3. Withstand voltage: withstand voltage AC 1500V 5MA/min

4. The initial impulse current is moderate: It is generally required that the impulse current should be less than twice the stable operating current.

5. Smooth appearance, thickness 0.2-1.0MM

Translucent effect

Transparent heaters have absolute advantages in the heating industry, both in terms of appearance and application. The transparent PET material has higher light transmittance and will not block the light source during use.