Application of Flexible Heaters in Medical Equipment


Heating technology plays a very important role in medical devices, with approximately 10,000 different medical devices currently on the market. Every piece of equipment must be manufactured to the highest standards to ensure accurate, efficient and safe performance. Uniform heating and efficient temperature control have become the most important requirements for heating applications in medical systems. Medical device manufacturers meet these requirements by using different types of flexible heaters. What heaters did you learn about that can be applied to medical devices? Today, let’s take you through the different heaters suitable for use in medical equipment!

What heaters are used in the medical equipment department?

Medical heaters are typically made from polyimide and are optimized for each application. Able to provide rapid prototyping and fully customized flexible heaters for medical devices. PI flexible heaters are used to heat medical infusion tubes. The heater shape and heating area are designed according to the installation position of the infusion tube. The heat can be effectively used without wasting, and the power can be customized and debugged.


The application of Silicone Rubber Heaters in medical equipment is mainly medical equipment such as blood analyzers, test tube heaters, medical health care shaping garments, body shaping and slimming belts to compensate for heat, etc. It has good softness and can be in complete close contact with the heated object. Because it is flexible, it is easier to get close to the heating body, and its shape can be changed according to the requirements, allowing the heat to be transferred to any desired place. At the same time, silicone rubber heaters have good stability, constant temperature, strong adaptability, simple installation and operation, and high safety. They are mostly used in the medical industry.


The PET transparent heater is customized for applications requiring lower heat transfer and has a lower heating temperature than the previous two. Transparent heaters utilize heating elements made of etched foil, and because these elements are placed within a layer of PET, they are transparent for certain product applications. It has uniform heat transfer capabilities, is soft, thin, flexible and lightweight, and is more economical than silicone rubber heaters.


Different heaters are used in different needs. In the medical industry, various medical equipment such as blood analyzers, small plug-in heater assemblies, and surgical heating tool assemblies require heating products. Strict production environment and inspection have been maintained during the production of heaters to ensure that the heaters can reduce errors and strictly control the temperature in medical equipment.

 application heater

The use of heaters in medical devices requires specific design for their operation, size, surface structure and environmental conditions. The wide application of flexible electric heating elements in medical equipment allows different types of heaters to play different roles. With the development of heating chip technology, its application range in medical equipment is wider, more professional and subdivided. If you have any needs for related heater products or would like to consult, please feel free to contact us!