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Danyu Electronic follows the needs of quality of life and industry technology, providing global customers with quick solutions for heating film production. Up to 16 years, we have solved industrial production problems, quality of life problems, product application problems, military training problems, aviation exploration problems, etc.

Flexible Heater|Thick Film Resistor FAQ-Best Technology

1. What's Danyu Electronic's Position in the industry?

With over 16 years in the PCB industry, Danyu Electronic has developed processes to ensure that your PCBs are right the first time, nobody knows PCB than us, we are experts. Not only for rigid circuits, we also provide flexible circuits, rigid-flex circuits, MCPCB (metal core printed circuit board), ceramic board, flex heater, and not limited to this.

2. How to ensure the quality of flexible Heaters?

Danyu Electronic is a strategic partner that committed to establish long term relationship and steadfastly maintain the strength of partnership with our customers, and one of the ways we accomplish this is by ensuring conformance of products at every stage that within customer’s requirements and meet the specification and standards of IPC-A-600, and perform entire testing procedures like E-test, solderability, mechanical, and so forth.

3. Do you have any after-sales service?

Yes, sure. Each customer has a dedicated sales assistant to follow up orders, Danyu Electronic cares what our customers and your customers care, except the high quality low defective products, as well offers you no worry after sale service too, will provide replacements and rework service if there is any defective in the warranty time. So!! Order close doesn’t mean end, it is the beginning!!

4. How are going about technical problems?

Our R&D team always solve designing & manufacturing problems and provide good solutions for our customers from a professional perspective, it has helped many Oversea companies do successful projects.