When is International Labour Day in 2024 and What are the Significances of It?


International Labour Day, also known as May Day or International Workers Day, is observed on May 1st each year, serving as a global celebration of labor and the working classes. It will be in Wednesday in 2024.


What is the history of International Labour Day?

International Labor Day, also known as "May Day", is on May 1 every year. This section comes from the general strike of workers in the city of Chicago. On May 1, 1886, more than 216,000 workers in Chicago held a general strike for the implementation of the eight-hour working day, and finally won the victory after a hard and bloody struggle. In order to commemorate this great workers' movement, in July 1889, the Second International announced that May 1 of each year would be designated as International Workers' Day. This decision immediately received a positive response from workers around the world.


On May 1, 1890, the working class in Europe and the United States took the lead in taking to the streets to hold grand demonstrations and rallies to fight for their legitimate rights and interests. From then on, every time on this day, the working people of all countries in the world will gather and parade to celebrate.

International Labour Day


What are the significances of Labour Day?

International Labor Day is a holiday established by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and celebrated on May 1 every year. Labor Day is of great significance, workers through the struggle, with the tenacious, brave and unyielding spirit of struggle, to win the legitimate rights and interests, is the historic progress of human civilization and democracy.


1. The significance of the Labor Day is that the workers' struggle has achieved gratifying results, and the working hours of workers are generally shortened. Under the pressure of the workers, the governments of some countries promulgated laws in favor of the interests of the workers, which enhanced the confidence of the working class in the struggle and accumulated rich experience for the international workers' movement. Through struggle, workers have won their legitimate rights and interests with their indomitable, heroic and unyielding spirit of struggle, which is a historic progress of human civilization and democracy.

2. To commemorate the legitimate rights and interests of the working people. In the feudal society and slave society period, the legitimate rights and interests of the working people are difficult to be guaranteed, and even oppressed by all classes, until the liberation of the mind, the working people gradually began to fight for the legitimate rights and interests, which is a very rare thing, but also a thing worth remembering and celebrating. So in 1889 Engels proposed the establishment of the May Day International Labor Day, and in the following year the international workers demonstration.

3. Legitimate rights and interests of the working people have been protected, not only their own benefits, but also a great progress of human civilization in the world. When people begin to respect the rights and interests of working people, it is a leap forward in human civilization. Therefore, Labor Day has been one of the most important holidays in most countries since it was proposed, and China has set it as a legal holiday.

4. Labor Day is behind the sweat of countless international workers, they marched for their own legitimate rights and interests, indomitable struggle for human rights, this spirit is very worthy of admiration and learning, but also all workers should not forget, so every year when the May Day to hold Labor Day.

5. In addition to the political and economic dimensions, Labor Day is also a cultural event, with parades, picnics, barbecues and public gatherings. This aspect helps strengthen community ties and brings people together to celebrate. The day provides an opportunity to reflect on broader social justice issues affecting the workforce, including immigration, globalization and the changing economic landscape, which are often highlighted in Labor Day rallies and speeches.

 International Labour Day

As we observe May Day, it's important to remember the historical significance of this day and to continue advocating for the rights and welfare of workers around the world. It is a day to honor the contributions of workers to global economies, recognize their struggles, and reaffirm commitments to labor rights and social justice.


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