Voltage: 1-220V

Insulation Material: Transparent PET

Thickness: 0.2-1.0MM

Static Power Deviation: +/-10% (according to customer requirements)

Withstand Voltage: Withstand Voltage AC 1500V 5MA/min

Insulation: Insulation DC 1000V >100MΩ

Temperature: -40°C - 100°C (Below 90°C For Long-term Use)

Installation Method: Transparent Adhesive Paste

Solder Joint Insulation Treatment: Epoxy

Temperature Control Mode: Adjustable Thermostat, Temperature Control Switch

Certification: ISO9001, CE, Rohs, UL

Electric Connection Method: Binding, Welding

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What is a heating film?

A heating film is a versatile heating solution used to regulate temperature and provide climate control in various applications. It ensures the safe operation of equipment by maintaining control panels functioning normally and clearing snow, ice, or condensation from surfaces under harsh weather conditions.

In situations where traditional heating methods such as forced hot air or radiation are not applicable, heating films provide a unique approach. They allow transparent electric heating to be directly applied to surfaces without the need for any visible heat transfer medium.

Many applications prefer transparent flexible heaters, such as touch panels on commercial refrigeration systems or industrial equipment. Even in the presence of condensation or frost, these heaters keep the contents visible or maintain the touch interface active.

Heating films are primarily used for heating surfaces that require snow, ice, fog, or condensation removal. They can also be used to heat nearby objects. When a product requires a "transparent" surface and needs to remove unwanted elements without obstructing visibility, visually transparent heaters are essential.

transparent electric heater

Which industries use transparent electric heating?

Automotive (personal and commercial vehicles)
Industrial sector (HMI screens and equipment exposed to the need for heating while maintaining visibility)
Aviation electronics (lighting systems, windshields)
Medical field (outdoor or remote-use equipment)
Retail industry (refrigerated display cabinets)
Military applications (vehicles, equipment, etc.)

What are the applications of transparent heaters?

Safety cameras
HMI screens for industrial equipment
Retail displays (refrigeration)
Field-use medical equipment
Security and surveillance equipment
Transparent heaters have a wide range of applications, and product designers and engineers are continuously developing new products that integrate transparent heating elements.

Best Technology's Transparent Flexible Heaters:

Best Technology provides transparent flexible heaters that use electric heating to heat surfaces while maintaining visibility. These heaters are particularly useful for applications where nearby objects need heating while maintaining visibility.

Optical cameras are increasingly used in collision prevention, intrusion detection, security, inspection, and process control systems. To ensure the continuous functionality of these systems, even in adverse weather conditions, maintaining their visibility free from the influence of ice, rain, and condensation is crucial. Best Technology's transparent flexible heaters utilize CHASM's AgeNT transparent nanotube hybrid materials, providing the necessary heat density without visible wires, making them an ideal solution for these applications.

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