What is Kapton Polyimide Heater?


Polyimide Kapton heaters are single-layer flexible circuits that use resistance alloys (such as nichrome and copper-nickel alloys) instead of copper to form conductive paths. When an electric current is driven through a conductor with higher resistance, heat is generated. The width and thickness of the conductor are selected according to the supply voltage to provide the desired resistance value.

polyimide kapton heater

What is the construction of Polyimide Kapton Heater?

A normal polyimide heater is consisted of polyimide film, adhesive and heating element (conductor), this is the simplest structure. Custom Kapton heater is available in Best Technology. Sometimes, customers require a layer of adhesive tape to convenient for installing. At Best Technology, we always use 3M468 and 3M467, other tapes also available, for example: 3M9080A, 3M9460, 3M9448, Tesa8853, Tesa8854, 3M9077. It always according to customer’s requirements or the end-applications. Below you can see the stack up of Polyimide Kapton heater with tape. 

PI heater

It also can add a layer of stiffener to increase its support, just like flexible circuits (FPC). The common stiffener for Kapton heater is polyimide, following is the typical structure. 

PI heater

The advantages of Polyimide Kapton Heater

The flexible Kapton heater provides excellent heat transfer to the radiator/heatsink in a very small shape and thin thickness. By means of their flexibility features, they can also be attached and combined to heat surfaces which has irregular shape. In addition, the TCR (resistance temperature coefficient) of the polyimide Kapton heater provides minimal resistance change when temperature changes. So it won’t cause suddenly interrupted of devices during the operation.


Kapton polyimide heater temperature can be operated under -40C to 200C, but it is recommended to use under 150C if it is long term uses. Compared with transparent heater, it has big advantages on the operating temperature. (Transparent heater can only withstand -40C to 80C, so it is suitable for those devices used in human body, such as sauna room, helmet, and so on.)

polyimide heater

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