Voltage: 12-480V

Insulation Resistance: 1000V,≥100MΩ

Thickness: 0.13-0.4mm

Maximum size: 480mm*1000mm

Warranty: 3 Years

Temperature: -40°C - 200°C (Below 150°C For Long-term Use)

Material: PI/Kapton With Etching Film

Solder Joint Insulation Treatment: Epoxy, Silicone Pressure

Static resistance tolerance: +/-5% (According To Customer Requirements)

Certification: ISO9001, CE, Rohs, UL

Installation Method: Adhesive Paste, Installation Through Mechanical Installation Holes

Temperature Control Method: Adjustable Thermostat, Temperature Fuse, Temperature Control Switch

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In the manufacturing of micro dual-port polyimide heaters, polyimide is a lightweight and thin organic polymer film that exhibits excellent tensile strength, tear resistance, and stability. Thin film heaters made of polyimide possess the characteristic of micro dual ports. They demonstrate outstanding flexibility, bending capability, solvent resistance, and durability during usage. As a result, they are highly suitable for applications in low-outgassing or vacuum environments that require resistance to radiation, fungi, and chemicals.

Polyimide can adhere to various complex surfaces to achieve uniform heat distribution on the heating surface. They can be designed to heat specific regions with different power densities from the main area. This selective heating in the desired region further reduces energy consumption, making it cost-effective. Danyu can mass-produce polyimide heating elements and provide customized polyimide flexible heaters.


Polyimide heaters are well-suited for extreme temperature applications. They can maintain a temperature range of -40°C to 200°C during operation. They also feature temperature control devices that enable them to retain their original shape regardless of the exposed temperature. Polyimide heaters are particularly suitable for aerospace and satellite equipment, extreme temperature environments, and situations that require rapid or surface heating.

polyimide heaters

Applications include:

Medical applications that require clean and sterile environments

Laboratory research

Semiconductor processing equipment

Optical equipment

LCD monitors

Computer equipment

Photography equipment


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