Polyimide Heaters Versatile Solutions for Heating Applications


Polyimide film (PI) heaters are a revolutionary innovation, combining the insulating properties of polyimide film with the conductive capabilities of metal foil or nickel-chromium alloy as internal heating elements. Manufactured through high-temperature, high-pressure fusion processes, these heaters boast exceptional insulation strength, resistance, heat conduction efficiency, and resistance stability. This unique combination of properties makes them an indispensable heating solution across diverse industries, renowned for their adaptability and precision.


Polyimide heaters find applications in diverse scenarios, particularly those necessitating precise temperature control. For instance, they play a pivotal role in maintaining safe operating temperatures for instruments and equipment in extreme cold conditions. These heaters are used in instruments such as artificial satellites, spacecraft, airplanes, and equipment deployed in high-latitude regions. Furthermore, they are employed in devices like card readers and LCDs.

polyimide heater

Key Features of Polyimide Heaters:

Flexibility: The inherent flexibility of polyimide allows these heaters to be bent and shaped, adapting to varying product specifications.

Ultra-Thin Design: With thicknesses as low as 0.13mm to 0.4mm, polyimide heaters are incredibly thin, occupying minimal space and fitting into tight gaps. They can be bent with a radius of approximately 5mm.

Diverse Varieties: Polyimide heaters can be customized to create various resistor circuit components of different sizes and shapes to suit specific product requirements.

Uniform Heating: Circuit layouts achieved through etching processes ensure even distribution, minimal thermal inertia, and rapid heating as they maintain close contact with the heated surface.

Ease of Installation: Equipped with double-sided adhesive, these heaters can be conveniently affixed to the target surface and maintain their position even under prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Longevity and High-Temperature Resilience: The flat design and low power load contribute to extended lifespan and excellent insulation properties. These heaters can be used at temperatures up to 200°C without compromising performance.

Diverse Applications of Polyimide Heaters:

Scientific Analysis Instruments: Used in instruments requiring precise temperature control, such as devices for thermal conductivity determination and stable working temperatures for optoelectronic components.

Extreme Cold Environments: Vital for achieving safe operational temperatures in extremely cold conditions, applicable to instruments like artificial satellites, spacecraft, airplanes, and devices used in high-latitude regions.

Automotive Industry: Employed for applications like heating oil sumps, defrosting rearview mirrors, and snow and frost removal from antennas or radar devices.

Medical Instruments: Utilized in various medical devices for temperature control and thermal applications.

In conclusion, Danyu Technology is polyimide heaters offer a unique combination of flexibility, precision, and durability, making them indispensable tools in a wide range of industries. Their ability to provide uniform and consistent heating, even in extreme conditions, solidifies their role as a vital component in achieving reliable and efficient thermal control.