Voltage: 12-480V

Insulation Resistance: 1000V,≥100MΩ

Withstand AC: 1200V 5MA/min

Thickness: 0.13-0.4mm

Maximum size: 480mm*1000mm

Warranty: 3 Years

Temperature: -40°C - 250°C (Below 150°C For Long-term Use)

Material: PI/Kapton With Etching Film

Solder Joint Insulation Treatment: dispense, silicone rubber

Static power Deviation: +/-5% (According To Customer Requirements)

Certification: ISO9001, CE, Rohs, UL

Installation Method: Adhesive Paste, Installation Through Mechanical Installation Holes

Temperature Control Method: Adjustable Thermostat, Temperature Fuse, Temperature Control Switch

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What is a polyimide flexible heater?

Introduction of polyimide heater

Polyimide heaters are composed of a etched foil layer encapsulated with a polyimide film. A conductive material is sandwiched between two layers of polyimide film using FEP adhesive or acrylic adhesive. These heaters can be directly bonded to the surface of the component or area to be heated, thereby enhancing temperature and heat transfer rate. There are two commonly used stacking methods for heaters: adhesive bonding and adhesive bonding with PI reinforcement. Customers can choose the appropriate stacking method based on the application of the product. For example, if you want to increase the hardness of the heater, bonding with PI reinforcement is your best choice.

Characteristics of Polyimide flex heater:

polyimide flex heater

Applications for PI flexible heaters:

Polyimide flexible heaters are ideal for applications that require small footprint and lightweight due to their thinness (as low as 0.10mm) and light characteristics. They have wide applications in industrial and precision equipment. Polyimide flexible heaters can also be used in medical, commercial appliances, agriculture, automotive, and various industrial applications. 

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