Flexible Silicone Heating - The Future of Heating Solutions


Flexible silicone rubber heating is the latest innovation in heating solutions. It is a versatile and cost-effective way to heat homes and businesses and can be used in a variety of applications. The new technology offers a more efficient and flexible alternative to traditional heating methods and promises to revolutionize the heating industry.

Flexible Silicone Rubber Heaters use a wire wound element laminated between silicone rubber to ensure even heat distribution. The wire-wound design is a way around the limitations of etched foil technology. Silicone rubber heaters with wire wound elements have excellent physical strength and are able to withstand repeated flexing without affecting heater life and performance. Etched foil heaters have excellent heat transfer compared to wire wound elements due to their larger flat surface area.

Flexible silicone rubber heating

Different types of resistance wire for wire wound flexible heaters, the wire wound element process involves wrapping the resistance wire around a fiberglass wire for added support and flexibility. The power wire or set of wires is soldered to the heater windings and held securely in place by a vulcanization process that ensures the assembly becomes uniform. This flexible silicone rubber heater sheet also provides more even heat distribution and higher watt density for longer heater life.

Compared with the winding design, the etching technology is too limited. Different types of resistance wires such as nickel-chromium alloy, copper-nickel and other alloys are high-resistance materials with very good shape stability, so it can be improved for the winding design. The service life of the components is generally also used in applications with operating temperatures up to 1400°C.

The flexible silicone rubber heating sheet uses silicone rubber material to insulate. Two layers of silicone insulating layers load the heating conductor in the middle, so that the product can be used normally after power-on, ensuring the safety of the product. Compared with PI heaters, silicone rubber heaters are thicker, more resistant to high temperature and cushioning.

This flexible silicone rubber heater has a wide range of applications, and its flexibility and durability can be used in many ways. Common applications are optical equipment, laboratory equipment, electromagnetic heaters. Danyu provides a variety of heating elements for silicone rubber heaters. Danyu mainly produces various types of heating elements, and can also be customized according to customer requirements. The size, shape and thickness can be customized. If you choose Danyu, then we will provide you with a satisfactory heating plate solution.