Efficient Heating Solution: Polyimide Flexible Heater


Polyimide flexible heating sheet, also known as PI flexible heater. This heater uses polyimide as the outer insulator and a heating foil as the inner heating element of the heating sheet. PI flexible heater is made by high temperature and high pressure heat sealing process, which has many advantages and is suitable for electronics manufacturing, medical equipment, scientific instruments and other industries.

Features of polyimide flexible heater

One of the outstanding features of polyimide heaters is their fast warm-up speed. Efficient heat transfer is achieved using polyimide as the insulator and thermal foil as the heating element. Once the internal temperature reaches the desired operating range, it stabilizes, ensuring consistent and reliable heating performance. This rapid warm-up capability is especially useful in time-critical applications, such as production lines or medical procedures.

In addition to their speed, polyimide heaters have an extremely thin and light profile. Their flexibility allows them to conform to the shape of the target object for precise heat distribution. Whether heating a specific area on a circuit board or maintaining an optimal temperature in a lab instrument, PI flexible heaters deliver heat exactly where it is needed. The thin and light nature of these heaters also ensures minimal added weight or volume to the overall system, making them ideal for space-constrained applications.

 PI flexible heaters

Safety is paramount when it comes to heating elements, and polyimide heaters excel in this regard. Polyimide films have excellent dielectric strength, making them resistant to electric field stress. This feature ensures that the heater will operate safely and reliably even in harsh electrical environments. Additionally, polyimide's excellent resistance to solvents, oils, and radiation adds extra durability and longevity to these heaters, allowing them to withstand harsh conditions.

The heat sealing process used to manufacture the polyimide heater further increases durability. The process involves subjecting the heater to high temperatures and pressures to ensure a strong, secure bond between the layers. Plus, these heaters come with a self-adhesive backing, making them easy to install on a variety of surfaces. This adhesive characteristic simplifies the application process and provides a reliable attachment method, allowing the heater to be firmly fixed to the target item.

Application of PI flexible heater

The application fields of polyimide heaters are diverse and far-reaching. In electronics manufacturing, they are commonly used for temperature regulation during the production of precision electronic components. The medical field benefits from their use in medical equipment, such as warming pads for operating tables or warming blankets for patients. Scientific instruments, from laboratory instruments to analytical equipment, often rely on polyimide heaters for precise and controlled heating.

Danyu PI Flexible Heater With its excellent performance, reliability and versatility, PI Flexible Heater has become an indispensable tool in many industries. Their fast warm-up speed, thin and flexible design, safety features, durability and ease of installation make them the first choice for heating applications. As technology continues to advance, polyimide heaters are expected to continue to evolve, providing more efficient and effective heating solutions for various industries.