Characteristics and application of transparent heating sheet


Transparent heaters installed on clear applications prevent condensation, snow and frost to improve visibility for cameras as well as windows and other surfaces that require high transparency. The basic principle of the transparent heating sheet is to apply a unique transparent conductive film and ITO film to a transparent PET substrate material, and attach a metal electrode to conduct electricity, thereby creating a transparent but heat-generating heating material.

Features and advantages of transparent film heating sheets

1. It can be heated to eliminate accumulated water, condensation, snow and frost to maintain visibility.

Transparent heating sheets can be used in camera lenses, LCD screens, train windows and other transparent parts. They effectively protect against condensation, snow and frost. At the same time, the transparent heating element helps maintain excellent visibility.

Comparing images of objects in the same environment with and without transparent heaters can intuitively understand the application effect of transparent film heating sheets.

 transparent heaters

2. The heating temperature is uniform and the temperature on the entire surface remains consistent.

Clear heating sheets keep heat even and consistent across the entire object, and the even heat distribution makes it ideal for maintaining visibility when transparency is required. They can also be used in heated stages of microscopes and in medical or biological experiments.

Compared with using a standard electric heater and using a transparent PET heating plate, the heat generated on the surface of the transparent PET heating plate is more uniform.

 transparent heater sheet

3. Clearly visible, the maximum light transmittance of transparent PET substrate exceeds 98%

Transparent film heating sheets can be applied to the entire surface of the glass and are most suitable for environments and locations that require transparency. When using transparent conductive and ITO films for displays or touch screens, high transmittance of the heating sheet is achieved by using transparent PET.

 application transparent heater

4. Suitable for a variety of application forms, including curved and domed surfaces

For transparent film heating sheet materials, they can be used with transparent resins such as glass and polycarbonate. In addition to flat surfaces, films can be applied to curved, domed and cylindrical (inner and outer) surfaces, as well as other unique shapes with consultation. Product customization suitable for various needs.

 transparent heater sheet

5. The shape and application temperature can be customized as needed (temperature range is -40℃-100℃)

Various customization needs can be met according to the requirements, specification adjustment, parameter requirements, such as power supply, usage environment, heat generation and location, or a temperature control device can be added to control the temperature of the equipment. In addition, high-performance films such as highly waterproof coatings and hydrophilic coatings can be used in combination.

 transparent film heater

Common applications of transparent film heaters

Transparent heating sheets are mainly used in camera window covers

Thermal image of a transparent heater: uniform heating of the dome window cover surface

When the camera equipment is used outdoors in cold weather, the transparent heating sheet can eliminate frost and condensation on the lens through electrical heating, allowing the lens to maintain clear visibility. At the same time, the function of the device will not be affected due to low temperature.


Public space and transportation infrastructure

The signal indicator light prevents snow accumulation on the signal light due to cold environment, and heats the signal light to eliminate the snow accumulation on the signal light to protect traffic safety in the snow. Use the road guidance system in areas with high snowfall to prevent the road guidance system from being covered with snow.


Car lights and glass

Headlights, fog lights and rear headlights, transparent heaters to prevent bulb frosting, automotive light sources to improve visibility. Use transparent film heating sheets to create snow-melting and snow-proof windows to ensure the strength of the car windows and ensure that they will not break when hit by icicles. As well as the realization that the fog on the glass affects the driver due to the excessive temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car, and the car glass maintains clarity when heated.