Silicone rubber heaters will be a popular choice for aerospace heating applications


The silicone rubber heater is mainly made of silicone rubber with high temperature resistance, high thermal conductivity, good insulation performance and good strength, high temperature resistant fiber material and metal heating plate circuit. Silicone rubber is a kind of flexible electric heating product, which is mainly used to wrap or cover the heated insulation body to achieve a certain temperature for antifreeze, heating and heat preservation. Silicone rubber is used in the aerospace industry, and the low temperature environment of the battery will reduce its efficiency, resulting in a shortened battery life. In a cold environment, the silicone rubber heating sheet can keep the battery warm.

silicone rubber heater

The role of silicone rubber heater

1) The silicone rubber heating sheet only plays the role of heat conduction in use, and can form a good heat conduction path between the heating element and the heat dissipation device, and form a heat dissipation module with the heat sink, structural fixing parts, etc.;

2) The main purpose of the silicone rubber heater in electronic products is to reduce the contact thermal resistance between the surface of the heat source and the contact surface of the heat sink;

3) The silicone rubber heating sheet can well fill the gap of the contact surface during use, and squeeze the air out of the contact surface. Air is a poor conductor of heat and will seriously hinder the transfer of heat between the contact surfaces; with thermal silica gel sheets It can make the contact surface fully contact better, truly achieve face-to-face contact, and the temperature reaction can achieve the smallest possible temperature difference.

The main application of silicone rubber heater

1. In humid, non-explosive gas environment, mixing heat and heat preservation of industrial equipment pipelines, tanks, etc. (oil drum heater), it can be directly wrapped on the surface of the heated object when in use.

2. Freezing protection and auxiliary heating of aerospace battery equipment, motors and other equipment to keep the temperature of the equipment stable.

3. Applied to medical equipment (such as blood analyzers, test tube heaters, health care corsets, body slimming belts to compensate for heat, etc.).

Since the silicone heating sheet is a thin sheet product (the general standard thickness is 1.5mm), it has good flexibility and can be completely in close contact with the heated object. With flexibility, it is easier to get close to the heating body, and the shape can be changed according to the requirements to design the heating, so that the heat can be transferred to any desired place. The general planar heating element is mainly composed of carbon, while the silicone heater is composed of arranged nickel alloy resistance wires, so it can be used with peace of mind. And its planar heater can be made into various shapes according to requirements.

Silicone heating sheet is a soft and bendable sheet-shaped electric heating device. It is formed by uniformly distributing mooring and filamentary metal heating elements between glass fiber cloths coated with high-temperature resistant silicone rubber, and then molded at high temperature. Usually thick 1 ~ 3MM, silicone heating sheet is light. It has the characteristics of large heating surface, uniform heating, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, environmental protection, flame retardant, convenient installation, long life and high insulation strength.

This silicone rubber flexible heating sheet can provide customized services for customers and is suitable for aerospace. With excellent curved surface formability, various curved and complex products can be used to effectively transfer heat. Danyu mainly produces high-quality silicone rubber heating sheets and heating systems, providing innovative designs and rapid production capabilities for products in various industries during the design and manufacturing process. If you have needs for heaters, you can contact us for consulting services: sales@best-heaters.com.