Learn about Flexible Heating Elements - Polyimide Heaters


Best Technology as a leading manufacturer of heating films, we are thrilled to introduce our latest product: the Polyimide Flexible Heating Film, also known as the Kapton Heating Film. This heating solution is crafted from the highest quality Polyimide film, ensuring maximum performance and flexibility for the heating film.

Precise Heat Distribution Design

The Polyimide film heating  consists of 0.0005-inch or 0.0001-inch thick etched foil elements, sandwiched between two layers of Polyimide film and a 0.001-inch adhesive, resulting in an incredibly thin profile, making it the thinnest among all flexible heaters. This unique feature allows for precise heat distribution and outstanding tensile strength, offering various shapes, sizes, and power options to suit different applications. Its lightweight and slim design, along with high power density, enable lower operational costs and precise heat distribution, making it an ideal choice for extreme high-temperature conditions and compact spaces.

polyimide film heater

Custom Production: Adhesion and Thermal Efficiency

We understand that some applications require customized solutions. Our heating film can be tailored, including multiple layers, slits, sensors, etc., to meet the most complex and specific requirements. The high coefficient of thermal expansion demands excellent adhesion. However, with a full Polyimide design, these heaters can be directly bonded to surfaces, significantly enhancing heat transfer efficiency. Our specialized bonding process allows heaters to be directly fixed to specific materials or parts provided by clients. Moreover, they seamlessly integrate into existing manufacturing systems, simplifying the adoption process.

Designed to Tackle Challenges

Our Polyimide Heating Film boasts exceptional chemical resistance and flexibility while fully complying with RoHS regulations. These heaters deliver continuous, uniform heat distribution and rapid heat transfer across multiple regions, offering unmatched performance. Flexible Polyimide Heating Films play a crucial role in various industries, from aerospace, medical to food service, and military. Selecting the right materials for surface heating is critical. They must be flexible enough to bend and conform to curved surfaces while avoiding contact with crucial components. Additionally, they should provide optimal heat transfer without compromising the elements or circuits.

PI heater

Harnessing the Power of Etched Foil Elements

The Polyimide Heating Film utilizes etched foil elements, consisting of thin alloy materials with corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and electrical conductivity. These alloys are chemically etched into the base of the flexible heater, which is sandwiched between two layers of Polyimide film. This innovative design allows heaters to be manufactured as thin as 0.007 inches, granting them exceptional malleability, the ability to conform to curved surfaces, and suitability for extremely tight spaces.


As a leading provider of heating solutions, Best Technology takes pride in delivering cutting-edge technology and customized products to meet our clients' unique needs. The introduction of the Kapton Flexible Heating Film marks a significant advancement in the industry, guaranteeing precise heat distribution, unparalleled flexibility, and uncompromising performance for a wide range of applications.

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