Introduction to the use and use of polyimide heating film


Introduction of polyimide heating film

The polyimide heating film adopts polyimide outer layer insulator, and the inner layer of heating foil is used as the electric heating element, which is formed by high temperature and high pressure heat sealing process. Installing the heating membrane consumes almost no energy when installed under the floor. Where adhesives are used for installation, such as on walls and ceilings, the emissions involved in manufacturing and transporting the adhesive must also be included. Some adhesives produce environmentally harmful emissions when cured. Low emission adhesives should be used, or these emissions must be considered when considering installation emissions.

The heat generated by the heating film is dissipated in the form of infrared radiation. It heats objects in contact with it or within range of radiation.

Heating Foil is a thin and flexible infrared electric heater available in various widths and heating powers. The main carrier of heat and infrared rays in the heating foil is graphite mixture, and the density and proportion of graphite provide suitable heating power.

polyimide heating film

The use of polyimide heating film

Heating foils are mainly used for floor and wall heating in single-family houses, apartments, offices, public buildings and warehouses. Heating foils are also used as a heat source in industrial solutions or in many other personal heating projects where heating accuracy, heating speed, heating area, heat sink flexibility and safety of use are important.

Underfloor heating with heating foils can be used as the main source of room heating and provide additional heating for warm floors. The entire heating system is very easy to install and can be used in any renovation phase or in newly designed buildings.

The polyimide heating film is made of polyimide outer insulator, and the inner layer of heating foil is used as the electric heating element, which is formed by high temperature and high pressure heat sealing process. Polyimide heaters are extremely thin, light and flexible, and can quickly provide heat to where it is needed, and are widely used in electronic manufacturing, medical equipment, and scientific instruments.


1. Scientific analysis instruments: such as providing constant temperature sources for thermal conductivity testers and medical instruments; stabilizing the working temperature of electronic components

2. In extremely cold environments, let the instrument reach a safe working temperature, such as satellites, spacecraft, aircraft, etc.

3. Vacuum heating and baking

4. Automotive rear view defroster, antenna or radar defrosting heating element and speed regulating resistor

5. Medical beauty equipment

Polyimide heating film is recommended

Polyimide film has excellent dielectric strength, excellent resistance to electric field strength, perfect heat transfer efficiency and good resistance stability. Safe to use and stable in performance. The heating sheet cannot control the temperature by itself. You can use it with temperature controller. If you are considering buying heaters in bulk, you can contact us to inquire about purchasing.