Heating applications of transparent heaters in products


There will be some customers who don't know how to choose a suitable heater according to their own products. Today we will introduce to you the functions and options of transparent heating sheets in applications. Based on the following content, you can think about whether your product can use transparent heating sheets?

One characteristic of transparent heaters is "transparency", which is the biggest difference from other heaters. The transparent heater uses a special PET high temperature resistant transparent base material. The commonly used base material thickness is 0.125MM. Of course, the thickness can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the product. This flexible transparent heater has a uniform heating area and has an infrared heating effect. The base material and circuit are assembled with OCA optical glue to assemble the heater, which has high temperature resistance.

 Flexible transparent heater

The transparent heater is a new type of household appliance with a wide range of applications. Here are 5 applications of transparent heaters in home appliances and their functions. Transparent heaters are used to prevent condensation, snow and frost to improve visibility of electronic products as well as glass and other surfaces that require high transparency. Transparent heater components are made by applying unique transparent conductive films and ITO films to substrate materials such as glass, and attaching two metal electrodes to conduct electricity. They can be made transparent but generate heat, and also have special infrared heating. Effect.

Applications and heating methods of transparent heating sheets in the industry

The biggest advantage of transparent heaters is that they can be used on transparent products, such as car windows, refrigerator glass, laboratory instruments and other products. They effectively protect against condensation, snow and frost caused by cold surface temperatures. By using a clear heater this helps maintain excellent visibility and heat up quickly.


Application 1: Car windows

In the cold season, due to the large temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car, the driver will be affected by fog on the car while driving. Transparent heaters can be installed on car windows so that the windows can maintain uniform heat while allowing the product to maintain transparency and visibility.

 Transparent heater application

Application 2: Refrigerator glass

Transparent heaters can be installed on the glass. In summer, the temperature difference between the glass door of the refrigerator and the temperature inside causes fog to appear on the glass door. The transparent heater can eliminate fog on the refrigerator glass door through electric heating.

 Transparent heater application

Application 3: Laboratory instruments

Many equipment in the laboratory need to be heated for research. The transparent heater can be applied to the entire surface of the glass and is most suitable for environments and locations that require transparency. When using transparent conductive and ITO films for displays or touch screens, high transmittance is achieved by using double-sided anti-reflective coatings.

 Transparent heater application

The above are the applications of transparent heaters in products and their functions. The heater can quickly heat up in a short time, and can be customized and adjusted according to customer needs. This transparent heater from Danyu Technology has the advantages of fast heating, easy use, energy saving and environmental protection, so it is getting more and more attention and love from suppliers.