Explore the Difference Between Transparent Heaters and Polyimide Heaters


The temperature requirements of various products are getting higher and higher, which leads to different types of heating chips. Both transparent heaters and polyimide heaters are available in a wide range of applications. These cutting-edge solutions have unique features that cater to different industries with specific heating requirements. Let's dive into the details of the unique raw materials of these two heating products!


Introduction of transparent heater

Transparent heaters transform industries where both transparency and heating capability are critical. These remarkable devices utilize Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO), a transparent conductive material that generates heat while allowing light to pass through effortlessly. The magic lies in the seamless integration of transparency and functionality.

Transparent heaters have found their way into countless industries with applications ranging from advanced display technologies such as LCDs and touch screens to automotive defogging systems and optics. Imagine a touchscreen monitor that not only responds to your touch but also keeps you warm in cold conditions. Adaptation and use of heaters in cold places can keep the display screen clear. This is the power of transparent heaters.

 transparent heater

Introduction of polyimide heater

Polyimide heaters are popular all over the world for their superior flexibility, durability and high temperature resistance. These heaters are manufactured with polyimide film as the core material, which has excellent electrical insulating properties. In order to be able to generate heat, a conductor interlayered with FEP glue or acrylic glue is used between the polyimide films. The conductor material is copper foil or 304 stainless steel, which can play a very good electrical conductivity.

Industries that require flexibility and fit have eagerly embraced polyimide heaters. The aerospace, medical device, electronics and automotive industries are just a few examples where these heaters shine. From ensuring optimal temperatures in critical aerospace applications to precise heating in medical equipment, polyimide heaters lead the way.

 polyimide heater

Choose the right heater for your needs

Understanding the unique qualities of clear and polyimide heaters becomes critical when selecting the ideal heater for a particular application. Both heater solutions have different functions, when clarity is a must in your product, a clear heater is the first choice, allowing light to pass through while providing the desired warmth. Polyimide heaters, on the other hand, excel in applications that require flexibility, durability, and high temperature resistance, as well as the ability to heat precisely and evenly.

Whether enhancing the user experience in consumer electronics, or in the automotive industry as well as in aerospace applications, transparent heaters and polyimide heaters have proven their worth. Danyu heating solutions provide manufacturers with a new way to give them more reference options when selecting heater suppliers.


As technology continues to advance, heating solutions will undoubtedly usher in further breakthroughs. Transparent heater and polyimide heater are two different heating solutions, customers can design different solutions according to product needs. If you have needs for heaters, you can contact us for consultation and purchase, and you can send your needs to: sales@best-heaters.com