Etching technology and advantages of transparent heating plate


With the development of the type of heating sheet has also become diversified, flexible heater is a product family, generally describing thin and flexible heating elements, which can be attached to various objects to provide antifreeze protection, constant temperature and in- Temperature control within 40°C to +100°C. However, OEM and aftermarket installers should be aware that these flexible heaters are subdivided into three different types of heater elements: polyimide heater elements, flexible transparent elements, and silicone rubber elements. The most commonly used is actually the PI heater, which is a polyimide flexible heater, but today the transparent heater is recommended, which is a new type of heater. This type of heater has a thickness of 0.2-1.0mm and is used in many industries for refrigerator door temperature regulation to prevent temperature differences from fogging the glass door. It is mostly used in automobiles and medical equipment. Since the transparent heating sheet has a transparent display, it can be installed on the glass during application.

Transparent heating sheet with multiple heating zones

Transparent heater sheets to achieve the desired thermal performance of flexible heaters, the basic design principles are essentially the same between etched foil and wire wound. Various resistive metals with different resistive properties. When developing and producing transparent heaters, the specific power level is the same as the other two heaters. The main difference between the three heaters is the difference in raw materials, but there is not much difference in function and performance. The material determines some characteristics of the heater, and the main characteristic of the transparent heater is that it has a transparency of more than 85%.

transparent heater

Introduction of Etched Foil Technology

Etched foil technology is where heater chips utilize chemically etched circuits between thin transparent layers, providing rapid heat transfer and precise temperature control. Etching technology is mainly recommended for mass production of small transparent heaters, where the performance of etching technology is superior to that of wire wound components. Through a series of manufacturing processes, the heater chip is patterned and then etched to form conductive elements over the entire surface area of the heater body.

Advantages of transparent heaters

The transparent heater chip utilizes etched foil technology, and the manufacturing process provides tight spacing control and prevents conductive elements from coming into contact with adjacent elements. At the same time, the transparency of the transparent heating sheet will not affect the light transmission effect of the product when it is installed on a glass door or an electronic screen. At the same time precise wiring layout translates into uniform heat distribution, which is one of the reasons designers use etched foil heaters. In addition, since the element pattern is processed by photolithography, precise repeatability of the heating element is provided.

transparent heaters

The thermal control and thermal precision of the transparent flexible heating sheet, the flat surface area of the etched element provides even and significantly more surface for effective and efficient heat transfer to the mating heat sink. Due to its unique feature - light transmittance, transparent heating sheet is widely used in the industry. It is mainly used in some special environments, such as the windshield on the aircraft. When the aircraft is flying in a cold environment, due to the large temperature difference, Fog often appears on the glass, and the transparent heating plate heats up the glass through electric heating, which can eliminate the fog on the glass. Therefore, this transparent heater is often used in automobiles or areas that require transparency.

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