Applications of Polyimide heaters VS Transparent heaters


Last time we made a simple comparison between the Polyimide (PI) flex heater and Transparent heater, known a basic understanding to both of them. Today we are talking about the applications about them, and know what kinds of applications they can used for. Let’s keep reading!


First of all, we know the PI heater is an electrical heating part that composed of stainless steel, iron chrome aluminum and other metal heating bodies into various circuits (resistance) and then sealed between two layers of insulating polyimide films. It has high thermal efficiency, energy saving, fast heating, small heat habit and other characteristics.

While transparent heater has excellent transparency which makes the heater can be used for camera, sauna room, cabinet and some other transparent applications. They are effective against dew, snow and frost, which helps to maintain superior visibility.


Characters of Polyimide heater

1. Light weight, thin thickness and bendable: which can achieve a fast heat transfer.

2. High working temperature: the operate temperature of PI heater can be -40 degrees to 250 degrees (lower temp than -40degrees will make heater be broken easily.)

3. Long life time: its life time is 10 times than traditional electrical wire heaters.

4. Can be customized to various shapes and sizes according to customer’s requirements.


Applications for Polyimide heater

Polyimide heaters is very suitable for industries and consume products because of its good fitness and bendability. Below are some typical applications:

Thermal products such as hand warmer, thermal gloves

Beauty Care Sundries such as facial cleanser

Catering products such as Kids Kitchens

Energy cells

Medical instruments

In-vehicle Cameras


transparent heater7

Characters of Transparent heater

1. Transparent heater can be heated to eliminate water, condensation, snow and frost to maintain visibility.

2. Transparent can maintain uniform heat over the entire product, making them ideal for maintaining visibility when transparency is needed.  They can also be used as heating tables for microscopes and in medical or biological experiments.

3. Over 98% transparency when apply special reflective coating.

4. Suitable for a variety of applications, including curved and round surfaces. For transparent heating materials, they can be used with transparent resins, such as glass and polycarbonate.  In addition to flat surfaces, films can be applied to curved, domed, and cylindrical (inside and outside) surfaces, as well as other unique shapes.

5. Can be customized shapes and operate temperatures (up to 100 degrees)


Applications for Transparent heaters

Transparent heating film adopts infrared heating method, so that the heating area is evenly distributed, the most popular application it can be used is cabinet or freezer in the supermarket. Below we listing some other common applications:

Highway camera

Meteorological monitoring equipment


Transparent blinder (heating available)

Medical beauty products


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