Voltage: 1-220V

Insulation Material: Transparent PET

Thickness: 0.2-1.0MM

Static Power Deviation: +/-10% (according to customer requirements)

Withstand Voltage: Withstand Voltage AC 1500V 5MA/min

Insulation: Insulation DC 1000V >100MΩ

Temperature: -40°C - 100°C (Below 90°C For Long-term Use)

Installation Method: Transparent Adhesive Paste

Certification: ISO9001, CE, Rohs, UL

Solder Joint Insulation Treatment: Epoxy

Temperature Control Mode: Adjustable Thermostat, Temperature Control Switch

Electric Connection Method: Binding, Welding

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Why is Transparent Flexible Heating Film So Popular?

Transparent flexible heating film has gained widespread popularity due to its numerous advantages. This heating film finds application in heating the windshields of airplanes, where aircraft operating in cold climates or high-altitude regions often encounter frost buildup on their windshields, obstructing the pilot's vision. The introduction of transparent heaters has provided a solution to this problem, ensuring clear visibility. Transparent flexible heating film, through electric heating, acts as an "auxiliary defroster" and offers several ideal features.

The characteristics of transparent flexible heating film include:

Fast Heat Response: The heating film exhibits rapid heat generation, enabling efficient and immediate heating.

Uniform Temperature Distribution: The thin film ensures even heat distribution across the entire surface, preventing hotspots and providing consistent heating.

Chemical and Mechanical Stability: The film possesses excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and maintains its mechanical integrity even in extreme environments.

Wide Application Range: Transparent flexible electric heating can be applied in various fields, including window defrosting, wearable therapy, and more.

Transparent flexible heaters employ ultrafine wire heating elements, offering reliable and precise heat sources while allowing unobstructed light transmission. These heaters are extensively used in high-visibility scenarios, including cockpit displays, portable radios, vehicle computers, and defogging windows. The electric heating film can be directly installed, providing efficient floor, wall, and ceiling heating. It can also be integrated into heating plates for creating wall or ceiling heaters.

To achieve these benefits, the heating film undergoes optimized design through a simple spray and transfer method. This integrated circuitry results in outstanding performance characteristics. Its resistance variation is minimal (less than 5%), ensuring uniform heat distribution across the entire film. When powered by a 6V voltage, it rapidly reaches a saturation temperature of 134°C in just 5 seconds. Moreover, transparent flexible heaters exhibit exceptional durability. Even after 5000 cycles of bending with a 5mm radius and exposure to corrosive solutions, they retain their heating performance. The large-diameter nanowire mesh structure and PET encapsulation contribute to their mechanical and chemical robustness.

The heating film is renowned for being extremely thin, lightweight, and flexible, making it ideal for various industries, including electronics manufacturing, medical equipment, scientific instruments, and environments exposed to vacuum, radiation, oil, or specific chemicals. Polyimide heaters, composed of polyimide films, boast excellent dielectric strength, electric field withstand capability, efficient heat transfer, and stability. They are safe and reliably perform their function.

These heaters find extensive applications, particularly in scientific analytical instruments, providing a constant temperature source for thermal conductivity testers, medical instruments, and beauty devices, and maintaining stable operating temperatures for electronic components. It's important to note that heating films themselves do not have temperature control capabilities. Therefore, it is recommended to use them in conjunction with temperature controllers. Additionally, the heating films come with a self-adhesive backing for easy fixation onto the desired objects' surface.

This research work has laid a solid foundation for improving the performance of electric heaters and provided a straightforward method for manufacturing high-performance flexible transparent conductive films. It opens up possibilities for innovative applications beyond heating systems. The stringent resistance tolerance of these heaters ensures consistent power output, contributing to extended battery life. Customized component wiring and analytical optimization enhance three-dimensional visual clarity, while low mass and high watt density promote rapid preheating time. The use of robust materials ensures durability and prevents damage during installation and transportation.

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