About Danyu Electronic R&D Capability Quality Control Manufacturing Capability

Since 2016, our R&D team has continuously solved a lot of technical problems for our customers in a more convenient, scientific, safe and low-cost way. Whatever in sky, land and under the water, or even in high temperature and cold environments, we all solved them.

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Unique Ceramic Formula for Better Oil Absorption


Danyu Electronic has obtained international ISO9001, UL:E502832, RoHS and other international certifications. To ensure that every flexible heater we produce can meet the customer's quality label. We firmly believe that quality is the foundation, service is the bridge of trust, and the efficiency of solving problems is the embodiment of the company's strength.

Unique Ceramic Formula for Better Oil Absorption

R&D Egineering

The R&D engineering team continuously develops new functions of the product, and solves the problems encountered by various customers such as thickness, temperature, vision, space and so on. At the same time, it can review the defects of customer design documents, the quality of samples and after-sale engineering services.