What Are the Features of Transparent Heating Film?


In today's changeable weather conditions, especially in 2023 - A particularly rainy year. Maintaining clear visibility through windows and surfaces can be a big challenge. Transparent Heating Film emerges as a groundbreaking technology to address this issue, offering a range of features that make it a ideal and effective solution for various applications.

What A Transparent Heating Film Is?

Transparent heating film also called as transparent flexible heater, is a kind of heating sheet that made by Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) and transparent conductive film. A basic structure of transparent is by applying unique transparent conductive films and ITO films to PET substrate materials, and attaching electrodes to conduct electricity. Sometimes, a layer of Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA) film will be added to convenient for installing.

transparent heater

What Are the Features of Transparent Heating Film?

By means its good transparency, flexible, easy to install abilities, transparent heaters rise up with a rapid speed, and frequently used in various scenarios, such as supermarket, helmets, camaras in outdoor, signal indicator light, and so on. Below we summed up some mainly features of transparent heating films.


1. Maintaining VisibilityTransparent Heating Film is designed to eliminate water accumulation, condensation, snow, and frost buildup, ensuring clear visibility even in challenging weather conditions. It effectively heats surfaces to prevent moisture-related obstructions. Here you can see a comparison diagram of a freezer install with transparent heater and without it.

transparent heater

2. Uniform Heating Different with conventional heater, the transparent heating element can keep a uniform heating in the device surface. Because it was heated by the conductive heating film, which is attach into the whole heater (see the structure as below). However, the conventional heater is heated by the wires, and normally the wires are located at the edge of the heater, resulting in the uneven temperature of the area near the wire is warmer, while the area a little further away is cooler.

Heating description

3. Over 98% transparency

Transparent heating films showcase extreme high transparency (over 98%) contrast with other heaters. It can be applied to the entire surface of the glass and are best suited for environments and locations where transparency is required. When transparent conductive and ITO films are used for displays or touch screens, high transmittance is achieved by using anti-reflective (AR) coatings applied on both sides.

heater description

 4. Versatile and Customizable

According to the requirements to meet a variety of custom needs, specifications adjustment, parameter requirements, such as power supply, use environment, heat and position, or add electrodes (bus bar), leads and terminal components. In addition, high-performance films such as high waterproof coatings and hydrophilic coatings can be used in combination. When using quartz as a transparent film heating sheet as a substrate, the maximum heating temperature can reach 350C.


As we move forward in 2023 and beyond, Transparent Heating Film promises to revolutionize visibility enhancement and heating technology across diverse industries and applications. Best Technology is specialized in heaters manufacturing for many years, we have such confidence that we can serve you best solutions. You are welcome to contact us directly if you have such demands.