The production process and advantages of transparent heaters


The transparent heater is a sheet-shaped transparent heater that is flexible and bendable. Widely used in electronics, optics, medical, aviation, machinery and other fields. The main feature of the flexible transparent heater is that it has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and heating performance, and can quickly heat or maintain temperature in different environments. The following is a detailed introduction to the production and application of flexible transparent heaters.

Transparent heater application

Heater production process

The production of heaters starts with designing the heater, designing the shape and size, and then producing the corresponding heater according to the drawings. The transparent heater mainly uses PET raw materials and PET protective film, which has high temperature resistance and rapid heat conduction. Use OCA optical glue to assemble the materials. It has optical grade high-transparency double-sided tape. When the heater is assembled to the product, it will not affect the light transmission effect of the product.

Transparent heater application

When assembling the transparent heater, there are two wiring methods: press a copper strip on the conductive layer, and then weld the copper strip with the required wire, which can directly solve the pain point; another method is to directly connect the conductive layer to the conductive layer. Design and install FPC cables, and then directly make the FPC cables into plug-in types to facilitate customers to install and use the products. Two different wiring methods can be selected according to the actual application.

Automotive window application heater

The basic design principle for achieving the desired thermal performance of a flexible heater, when the heater is set to a specific power, has been to create conductive elements located over the entire surface area of the heater. The wiring of the transparent heater is more refined, and the transparency and visibility are higher, so it will not affect the light transmission effect of the product during use. Installing the heater on the screen will not affect the light transmission effect of the image. It is suitable for outdoor screen players and traffic lights to avoid cold weather and snow cover.

Advantages of transparent heaters

Compared with other heating elements, transparent heaters have a wider range of applications. They also have high light transmittance and can be installed on the surface of heating products without affecting the application of the products. A thin film made of laminated ITO heaters is used as a heating element for heating. It will not affect the flatness of the surface due to long-term use and has high temperature resistance. When the product that needs to be heated needs to be kept at a certain temperature, a temperature control device can be installed on the heater.

Transparent heater application

The circuit inside the heating plate can also be selected. Metal wires such as copper wire can be used as electric heating wires. The circuit layout can be patterned on the film according to the heating range. Due to the small resistance, the temperature rises relatively quickly. If it is in the heating state for a long time, it will affect the service life of the heater, which is about one year.
When the flexible transparent heater is in the heating state, it is necessary to install a temperature control device, which can extend the life of the heater and prevent the heating product from being in a high temperature state for a long time, which affects the use effect. After years of accumulation and accumulation, Danyu Technology has a complete R&D and production system and is committed to providing customers with overall solutions. We can provide personalized customized services based on the solutions provided by customers to produce satisfactory products for customers.