Voltage: 1-220V

Insulation Material: Transparent PET

Thickness: 0.2-1.0MM

Static Power Deviation: +/-10% (according to customer requirements)

Withstand Voltage: Withstand Voltage AC 1500V 5MA/min

Insulation: Insulation DC 1000V >100MΩ

Temperature: -40°C - 100°C (Below 90°C For Long-term Use)

Installation Method: Transparent Adhesive Paste

Solder Joint Insulation Treatment: Epoxy

Temperature Control Mode: Adjustable Thermostat, Temperature Control Switch

Certification: ISO9001,CE,Rohs,UL

Electric Connection Method: Binding, Welding

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Transparent Heating Film Detailed Information:

Transparent heating film is mainly made of transparent PET material and adopts high-performance electric heating. It has a rapid heat response, uniform temperature distribution, and excellent chemical and mechanical durability. This type of heater is commonly used for window defrosting in various industries and wearable thermal therapy. The transparent heater is specially designed to ensure even heat distribution while maintaining transparency, and it typically requires precise temperature control to prevent hotspots or damage to underlying components.

The structure of the transparent heating film is thin, lightweight, and heats up quickly and safely. The light transmittance of the transparent PET material is over 80% to 85%. The transparent heating film uses ultra-fine wire heating elements, providing accurate and reliable heat without blocking light, making it suitable for high-visibility applications such as cabin displays, portable radios, onboard computers, defogging windows, etc. These electric heating films can be directly installed for floor heating, wall radiation heating, ceiling radiation heating, and other applications.

Features of Transparent Heating Film:

Fast Heating Speed: The entire surface of the heating element heats up uniformly, and its thin design allows it to reach the set temperature (50°C) within 10 seconds of startup. It can withstand temperatures as high as 120°C.
High Transparency: The transparency of the transparent heating film exceeds 80%, allowing it to resist strong light and not affect image quality when applied to screens.

Convenient Operation: The transparent heating film can be easily applied with minimal space occupation. It can be equipped with temperature control components that automatically increase the temperature when specific areas of the heater drop in temperature. The voltage can be set within the range of 1.5V to 380V and can be customized.

transparent heater

Applications of Transparent Heating Film:

Transparent heating film is used in cameras, train windows, and other transparent components to prevent condensation, snow, and frost, ensuring good visibility. They effectively counteract condensation, snow, and frost to maintain visibility.

Transparent heating film maintains a consistent level of heat on objects, making it an ideal choice for situations requiring transparency. They can be used for the heating stage of microscopes and in medical or biological experiments.

Transparent heating film can be applied to the entire surface of glass and is suitable for environments and areas with high transparency requirements. The transparent heating film ensures clear visibility, with a maximum light transmittance of over 85%.

The temperature design of the transparent heating film can be customized according to specific product requirements and can be combined with temperature control devices for temperature regulation. It can also incorporate other features such as power considerations, environmental factors, heat generation and distribution, and electrode, lead, and terminal components. Additionally, the surface of the heating film can be coated with a waterproof layer to provide waterproof functionality.

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