Introduction to the characteristics of transparent heaters


Transparent heaters are mainly made of transparent PET materials, which are insulating during use, and transparent materials can be well applied to objects that require high transparency, such as cameras and windows. They are ideal for environments that require a temperature-controlled surface.

So how to show the role of this kind of product in the process of use? Please look at the picture below, the glass on the left is not heated with a transparent heater, and the glass on the right is a glass with a transparent heater. The two glasses look completely different. Obviously, the glass without treatment is a little blurred. Yes, if this piece of glass is mounted on a car, it will obviously affect the driver's line of sight.

transparent heaters1

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Features of transparent heater

The heating function eliminates icing and dripping, snow and frost, and maintains the visibility of the product.

Transparent heaters are used in a wide range of applications, some products that require visibility, such as cameras, car windows, camera lenses and some medical equipment. These transparent parts can be effectively prevented from frost, snow and frost. Let these products maintain good visibility during use, so that the products will not affect the use of the products even in low temperature conditions.

Transparent heating element maintains a consistent temperature during use

The function of the transparent heating sheet should be set according to the needs of customers' products. Installing a temperature control device on the transparent heating sheet can set the appropriate temperature according to the demand, so that the heating sheet can be controlled. Excessive heating causes the product to affect the service life due to the high temperature for a long time.

Transparent heating plate is clearly visible

The transparent heating sheet can show the maximum light transmittance during use. The transparent heating sheet is made of transparent PET material, which can achieve 80% light transmission effect, so that customers can clearly see it during use. It is mainly used in products such as monitors or touch screens that require transparency.

Various forms of transparent heating sheets

Various forms of transparent heating sheets can be customized, and the size, shape, thickness, etc. of the heating sheet can be designed according to the needs of customers, which is suitable for diverse needs.

The above is the introduction of the characteristics and application scope of the transparent heater. If your product needs to be applied to the heater, you can contact us for consultation or purchase. You can send an email to: sales@best-heaters.com