Application range introduction of flexible PI heater


With the advent of a fast pace, the requirements for heating are becoming more and more stringent. The continuous update of Danyu flexible PI etching heater increases the heating speed, so that the product can quickly reach a certain temperature. PI has excellent mechanical properties, dielectric properties, chemical stability, and good radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, and high and low temperature resistance. The flexible PI heating sheet can be widely used in the heating field and can obtain quite high temperature control accuracy.


1. Lightweight, flexible, designed according to actual shape and size

2. Excellent chemical corrosion resistance

3. The service life is 10 times that of traditional heating strips.

4. Watt control accuracy is high, within 7%.

5. Fast and efficient heat transfer


Hand warmers, curling irons and some home appliances

Heating sample trays, cuvettes, etc. for medical diagnostic instruments

Protect aircraft electronics and mechanics from high altitude cold

Test or simulate integrated circuits

Enables cold weather operation of outdoor electronics such as card readers or LCD

Maintain constant temperature in analytical test equipment

flexible PI heating sheet


1. Simple structure

2. Long-term use

3. Efficient heater replacement

4. Easy to bend into various shapes

5. Good insulation performance can withstand high voltage

The flexible PI heater provides very good heat transfer to the heat sink in a very small form factor and low quality packaging. Because they are flexible, they can also conform to and heat irregular surfaces that other types of heaters cannot reach. The TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) of the custom heater alloy provides minimal change in resistance as temperature changes.

The resistance band alloy of the heater chip can be selected according to the customer's requirements to provide a wide range of custom resistance values. A custom heater element layout is available to provide a heater resistance that will provide the desired power output based on the voltage input. A variety of customized services are available to provide customers with more convenient services. If you want to know more about heaters, you can send an email to: sales@best-heaters.com for consultation.