Learn how innovative thermal heating elements work


Danyu Technology's innovative heating elements are mainly temperature sensing and temperature control. Heating elements play a vital role in modern technological applications. However, traditional heating elements have some limitations in terms of energy efficiency, safety and longevity. In order to solve these problems, researchers continue to explore innovative heating element production processes and study devices for controlling temperature. In addition to technological innovation, innovative heating elements also have new research in the design of application elements. Let me introduce them to you below.

Application of heating plate

The production and working principle of thermal heating elements:

Heating elements are common functional films that are widely used in electronics, medical, industrial and other fields. Thermal heating elements have good electrical conductivity, convert electrical energy into thermal energy, and can quickly heat in different environments while maintaining a constant temperature.

Heating elements are mainly composed of metal materials, insulating materials and heating materials. Each material performs its own role and is then assembled through a special process to design a heater with different insulating materials. These materials have excellent electrical and thermal conductivity properties, which improve the energy efficiency and stability of heating elements. In addition, the flexibility and bendability of the heating element can also be achieved to adapt to the heating needs of different shapes and curved surfaces.

 Application of heating plate

This is an innovative heating element production. Its main process is to insulate the solder joints by dispensing glue and adding a layer of silicone to cover the solder joints. The product is used in diverse environments. When the heater is used in a humid environment, the heating element needs to be waterproof. Dispensing glue and adding a silicone cover where the solder joints are insulated can prevent liquid from flowing into the heating circuit.

The size and thickness of the heating element are adjusted according to the actual application scenario, making the heating element more suitable for the product and easier to install. Danyu Technology can directly manufacture heating elements with complex shapes and structures to achieve higher heating efficiency and uniformity to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

 Application of heating plate

As the production process of innovative heating elements continues to develop, various innovative products have also emerged. For example, wearable heated clothing, smart heating appliances, and efficient heating devices. These products not only provide a comfortable heating experience, but also save energy and protect the environment. So what is the working principle of these innovative heating elements in use?


Silicone rubber heaters are chemically resistant, flexible and strong. They ensure optimal dimensional stability. These flexible heaters are suitable for temperatures up to 200°C (400°F). As a new type of heating element, its main base materials are polyimide, silicone rubber and PET. The above three base materials can transfer heat very well. Among them, polyimide heaters have the advantages of fast heating, stable temperature, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and are widely used in food heating, medical equipment, electronic equipment and other fields. Silicone rubber heater is a traditional heating element. It uses silicone rubber as the base material, adds thermally conductive powder inside, and is made through heating, curing and other processes. The main difference of PET material heaters is the transparent function, which can be used on transparent or glass devices.

 Application of heating plate

Heating elements made of different materials actually work in similar ways. They all use electric current to generate heat through conductive materials, thereby achieving the purpose of heating. The difference is that the conductive powder of the polyimide heater is evenly distributed on its surface, while the thermally conductive powder of the silicone rubber heater is distributed inside. The main function of the transparent heater is to have a light transmission effect.


In general, polyimide heaters and silicone rubber heaters are important heating elements. Their working principles have their own characteristics and can be selected and applied according to different needs. Danyu Technology's production of innovative heating elements brings us more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly heating solutions. With the continuous advancement of technology and the emergence of innovation, it is believed that heating elements will play a more important role in various fields.