Introduction To Heaters Used In Electronic Components


In the dynamic landscape of electronic components, Danyu Electronics continues to research and produce in the field of heating solutions to develop high-quality products. Traditional ceramic heaters have been difficult to meet the application of new electronic products, so the industry is changing. Danyu Technology has developed three types of heaters made of different materials, suitable for applications in different electronic products. The following is a detailed introduction to the application of different components of the heater in different products, as well as the product characteristics of the heater.


When you choose the right type of Flexible heater, you ensure you get even and stable heat without causing damage or malfunction of the product. Let’s look at the best uses for three common flexible heaters: PI heaters (polyimide heaters), silicone rubber heaters, and PET heaters (transparent heaters).


Optical cameras are becoming the technology of choice for high-definition footage, intrusion detection, security, inspection and process control systems. The camera can be used to detect precise objects. When used in extremely cold conditions, the machine needs to be kept at a certain temperature to prevent the product from being affected by too low a temperature. Therefore, a heater needs to be installed in the camera. The ultra-thin PI heater provides a stable heating effect during use, allowing the product to maintain a stable temperature.

 PI heater

Self-driving cars can recognize pedestrians, cyclists, and even uneven spots on guardrails. When identifying, it is transmitted through the camera on the car, which requires the camera to be clear. At the same time, car glass also needs clarity to enable drivers to drive normally. In a cold environment, due to the large temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car, frost, fog, ice and snow will appear on the car windows. This requires installing a transparent PET heater and using electric heating to maintain a clearly visible environment for the driver while driving.

 transparent heater

The application of new energy batteries requires that the temperature be maintained within a suitable range. When faced with cold weather, the built-in silicone rubber heater can continuously transmit heat so that the battery can be used normally and reduce battery loss. All of these systems need to remain responsive even in inclement weather, so their view must be protected from ice, rain and condensation.

Silicone rubber Heaters

Polyimide (PI) heater performance and flexibility:

PI heaters are known for their superior performance and flexibility and are used in a wide range of industries. Polyimide's high thermal stability enables precise temperature control, making these heaters ideal for applications where precision is critical. From medical devices to aerospace technology, Danyu Technology PI heaters redefine what is possible with heating solutions.

Transparent heater:

Danyu Technology brings clear transparency to heating solutions with its innovative transparent heater. Combining efficiency with aesthetics, these heaters are ideal for electronics applications that require rapid heating. The transparent nature of these heaters opens up new design possibilities without compromising performance. Industries such as automotive and consumer electronics can now seamlessly integrate heating elements while providing visual appeal to their products.

Silicone rubber Heaters:

Silicone rubber heaters are characterized by versatility and flexibility. This heater distributes heat evenly over irregular surfaces, making it suitable for a variety of product applications. The flexibility of silicone-based heaters allows them to be customized into different shapes, making these heaters suitable for a wide range of industries, including medical, industrial and electronics.


With a comprehensive range of heater products, from small-scale production to mass manufacturing, Danyu Technology's journey reflects its dedication to progress and innovation. As the demand for efficient, reliable heating solutions continues to grow, Danyu Technology's advanced manufacturing processes, coupled with a reliable quality control system, ensure that customers receive top-notch products and precise delivery schedules.