How to Keep Surveillance Cameras Working Properly in Extreme Weather


In order to ensure that surveillance cameras can work normally in harsh environments such as outdoor high and low temperatures, wind, sand, heavy rain, ice and snow, various types of protective covers are generally used to extend their working life. The protective covers must be able to effectively protect the camera and lens from Contamination from dust, impurities and corrosive gases, and at the same time, it must be able to match the installation location to prevent damage. Secondly, the protective cover should be equipped with heating sheets. Commonly used ones include flexible kapton heaters and transparent heaters. These heating sheets are thin, soft, and can be customized in shape. They can be installed inside or near the camera without affecting the installation or blocking it. The lens is heated in a lower temperature environment to increase the temperature inside the protective cover to ensure the normal operation of the camera and lens.

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What is an electric heating plate

An electric heating plate is a device that uses electrical energy to generate heat energy. It is usually made of conductive materials, such as nickel-chromium alloy or copper-nickel alloy, which generates a large amount of heat energy when a certain current passes through it. Electric heating sheets come in various shapes, including sheets, strips, disks, etc. They are designed and manufactured according to different application requirements.

flexible kapton heater:

A flexible Kapton heater is a type of heating element that is constructed using Kapton, a durable and flexible polyimide film. Kapton heaters are designed to provide consistent and uniform heat across their surface while being able to conform to various shapes and contours.

flexible kapton heater

transparent heater:

Compared to flexible kapton heaters, transparent heaters have visibility or optical clarity. Even in glass or mirrors that require transparency, transparent heaters can also be used to quickly and effectively apply to de-icing surfaces to ensure clear visibility and safety in adverse weather conditions.

transparent heater

The integration of heaters into cameras requires careful design considerations to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. The heaters must be properly sized, positioned, and controlled to meet the specific requirements of the camera system and the operating environment. Additionally, measures should be taken to minimize power consumption and thermal gradients within the camera housing to avoid overheating or thermal stress on internal components.

In extreme weather, the heater can heat the camera to ensure normal use. Danyu Electronic specializes in the production of heaters. Through electric heating, the product can be used in bad weather without affecting its use. The flexible heater can be installed in cameras that are prone to snow and ice fog. The heating can quickly remove snow and keep the camera lens clear. If you need to use a heater in your product, please bring your needs for consultation!