Application of silicone rubber heater in automotive field


According to data surveys, thick film heating technology has been widely used in the automotive industry to meet the needs of high-reliability circuits, challenging sensor applications, and powerful power components. At the same time, Danyu Technology’s newly launched transparent heating sheets have also been tested in car windows and rearview mirrors to meet car heating needs. With the development of electric vehicles and battery management systems, the demand for heating materials is expanding again.

The continuous research and production of new energy vehicles has also made the heating plate industry become hot. When the vehicle is used in cold air, the vehicle system is heated by electric heating, so that the service life of the vehicle can be extended and component losses caused by low temperatures can be reduced. The seats in the car can also be equipped with heating sheets, which can be heated to provide the driver with good comfort and experience when riding.

Heating sheets are widely used in the automotive industry, so what kind of heating sheets should be installed?

The application range of heating sheets of different base materials is different. For example, compared with silicone rubber heating sheets and polyimide heating sheets, polyimide heating sheets are lighter and thinner, and are more suitable for installation and use in environments with limited space. There is also a transparent heating sheet, which has high transparency and can be installed on glass or transparent devices without affecting the heating or light transmission effect.

 Automotive application heaters

Heating elements are a very important component in the automotive industry. First, heating pads can help your car's engine heat up faster in cold weather, thereby reducing wear at startup and extending engine life. Secondly, the heating plate can also help the car's internal system maintain normal operating temperature in cold environments to ensure normal operation of the vehicle. In addition, the heating sheet can also be used to heat automobile glass to prevent the formation of ice and fog and improve driving safety. In general, heating sheets play a very important role in the automotive industry, not only improving car performance but also improving driving safety. With the development of the automotive industry, the functions and applications of heating elements will continue to be further expanded and applied.

 Automotive application heaters

In addition, the battery management system needs to effectively control temperature while the battery pack is starting, running, and charging, which is especially necessary for use in electric vehicles in colder climates. Thick film technology silicone heaters are ideal for this application because they provide heating accuracy, repeatability, design flexibility and power handling capabilities while meeting space constraints.


Heaters are very simple circuits with controlled resistance that output a desired temperature for a given power input. The silicone rubber heater can be adjusted according to the required temperature, and the temperature can be maintained within a certain range by installing a temperature control device. The thickness of the heater (1-3MM) can be adjusted according to the needs of the product, and it is compatible with operating temperatures from -40°C to 250°C, with almost no power requirement restrictions.


Since the heater has been in a high-temperature environment that is continuously heated for a long time, we have measured that if it is used continuously during heating, the service life of the heater can reach one year. Danyu Technology is widely used due to its high reliability, longer life, temperature cycling and power handling capabilities. Existing technology that can be used in vehicle heating applications, for battery management systems and to improve cabin comfort. Heaters use a system of insulators, conductors, resistors and protective layers to provide solutions that meet the customer's needs.

As new energy vehicles develop, suppliers are pushing the boundaries of cost, efficiency and battery range to further their success. Therefore, we will continue to research and explore to provide customers with more reliable and more suitable heater elements. If you have heater needs or problems, you are welcome to consult us and we will provide you with a solution quickly.