Key Benefits: Rapid heating

Dimension: Can be customized

Function: Instant heating

Diameter: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm or customize according to specific requirements

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The thick film heater consists of a layer of dielectric, a resistor, a conductor and an isolated glaze on a substrate, and is sintered 8 times at temperatures in excess of 900oC. Due to the high power (maximum 6000W for a single heater), it can be used to heat water.
For applications where space is limited, thick film heaters are very advantageous over conventional heaters due to their compact size.

Advantages of stainless-steel thick film heating tubes:
Safety and durability: lifespan>10,000hours
Faster heating: temperature rise of more than 80-150oC/s
High heating transfer efficiency >98%
Health benefits: no electromagnetic radiation
Smaller size: compact structure with high power density of 60W/cm2
Customization services: Size, voltage and power supply can be customized according to specific demands.

These thick film heating tubes are widely used in instant hot water boiling, instant water heaters, water dispensers, coffee makers, electric faucets, steam generators, air flow heaters, floor heating, industrial water flow heating, etc. It can reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency and save space.
Thick film heating technology not only represents the optimization of heating efficiency and space utilization, but also a positive response to the concept of environmental protection. Through highly integrated design and customized services, it provides a safe, efficient, healthy and durable solution for all types of heating needs. With the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of applications, thick film heaters are gradually becoming the best choice for transformation and upgrading in the heating field.

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