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With the weather getting colder and the cost of heating your home still high many parents ask themselves what is the best way to keep the kids snug at night. While many of us are comfortable turning the thermostat down at night and snuggling under the covers, babies and toddlers sleeping without blankets still need a warm cozy room. Most of us accomplish this with the use of space heaters in our children’s room or nursery.

Key considerations when picking a portable heater for your child’s room are safety and silent operation. Another bonus is energy efficiency. Follow along for my top picks of some of the top space heaters for kids rooms, nurseries and play rooms.

Top Rated Space Heaters For Kids

Econo-Heat 0603 E-Heater, White

400 Watt Wall Mounted Electric Panel Heater.

Space Heaters Recommendations

  • “This is heating a laundry room and does a great job.” – KellyB
  • “There was about a 3 inch flame making its way up the heater from the plastic cover and eventually would have been on to our wall.” – Jonathan Renner
  • “I have pets that like to sleep close to them and you can touch them by hand and not get burned…but not for long.” – S. Singh

DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater

This sleek, stylish mica panel heater by DeLonghi is perfect for any application and any decor.

Space Heaters Product Reviews

  • “Works great very warm and very quiet.” – Richard
  • “We are heating quite a big room with this, it keeps it nice and warm and is so quiet!!!” – Amanda Milheiser
  • “It’s super quiet, doesn’t get too hot to touch if you need to move it while it’s on, and quickly heats up the room even on the lowest setting.” – SpaceNabbers

ANNA Ceramic Heater - White
Stadler Form

Anna raises the temperature! Not just because of her hot looks, but mainly because this wonderful little heater is equipped with a modern PTC ceramic heating element.

Space Heaters Buyers Guide

Sunpentown SPT SH-1507 Mini-Tower Ceramic Heater

This adorable Mini Ceramic Heater compliments any countertop and offers safe, soothing warmth.

Space Heaters Consumer Reports

  • “Great heating for a small room.” – Susan
  • “It is very portable and lightweight, easy to use, and it is a nice looking design.” – L. ROSE
  • “Then suddenly, two months after I’d bought it, it stopped working.” – Hazel

DeLonghi HVY1030BL 1500-Watt Fan Heater - Blue with Gray Face Plate

The DeLonghi HVY1030BL 1500-Watt Fan Heater allows you to comfortably and quietly heat any spot in your home or office.

Space Heaters Product Reviews

NewAir AH400 Space Heater With Adjustable Temperature Control

Add extra warmth to any room with the NewAir AH-400 oil filled space heater.

Space Heaters Consumer Reports

  • “That was our goal with the unit, but it just won’t work in my wife’s office due to too hot to the touch…will burn tootsies or shoes.” – Mark L. Bradford
  • “This is an excellent heater for an office or other small area.” – Ms. Swifty
  • “I’ve only owned it for a month or so but it seems to be working fine.” – wokkingmom

Lux WIN100 Heating & Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat

The WIN100 is a heating or cooling programmable thermostat for window air conditioners and electric space heaters.

Space Heaters Customer Reviews

  • “This Outlet Thermostat is the perfect companion for space heaters and such.” – Brian Scoffield
  • “I like a really cold bedroom while I sleep, but want it warm when I get in bed and warm when I wake up.” – J. Freifeild
  • “They maintain the room temperature +- 1 degree even though I lower the central heating temperature to save money.” – Electric Leaf

Vornado TVH500 Whole Room Vortex Heater

A great money-saving alternative to heating the entire home, this portable electric heater delivers comfortable warmth wherever it’s needed most.

Space Heaters Consumer Reports

  • “This is definitely an item you should not buy — look elsewhere for a heater with no moving parts!” – Timmy E.
  • “Pros: – Works really well in heating up our living room quickly and quietly.” – C.
  • “Another problem is the remote only offers controls to let you turn on and off and raise or lower the temperature or change mode.” – In My Opinion

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

Lasko’s #754200 heater offers powerful heat in a small package suitable for under a desk or even table-top.

Space Heaters Product Reviews

  • “It’s perfect for heating a small room like that.” – Jaw
  • “I used this heater every other day for about 2 months and it just stopped working..” – JJ
  • “The fan is a little loud, but its just consistent white noise, so it actually muffles sound outside my office.” – MBWD

Suggestions of the Best Space Heaters

Do you have any Space Heaters suggestions that you think Space Heaters would love or any feedback on the suggestions in this page? Please feel free to add a comment below.

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