Best Energy Saving Space Heater

If you have the experience of spending some time in a room full of unendurable cold air, you may have found out what a great difference a energy saving space heater can make to our daily life.

Based on the purpose to keep the room warm, the energy saving space heater was invented. And more and more people are searching for a more comfortable living environment from it.

If you also want to have one, just scroll the page down and choose one you like.

Best Selling Energy Saving Space Heater

Optimus H-4438 14-Inch Energy-Saving Oscillating Dish Heater with Remote Control

Optimus brings you the finest in fans and heaters. The H-4438 is a 14 inch oscillating dish heater with remote control. Features include instant, sun-like warmth radiant heat source, energy savings of 800 or 1200 watts, oscillating of 75 degrees and up-down manual tilting, uses less energy than conventional heater, cool touch housing and ultra quiet operation, 1, 2 and 4 hours timer, overheat thermal cut-off safety device, and tip-over safety switch.

Buyers Guide
  • “It takes about 20s to heat up, but it’s a great heater for a small room.” – F. Funkybookworm
  • “The remote control is a great feature.” – Winsomemore
  • “I had bought one a year ago and when I went to plug it in to use for the winter, it did not work.” – ShelliB

DeLonghi TRN0812T Portable Oil-Filled Radiator with Programmable Timer

Effectively heat any room of the house, even the bathroom, with the compact De’Longhi portable oil-filled radiator. No more bitter cold air right after a hot shower, with the convenient GFI plug it’s safe to use in the bathroom.

  • “This space heater is very good at heating up a space.” – A. Gerber
  • “First one stopped working within one month and second one stopped working in second day.” – S. Park
  • “The heater gives off an odor that subsides with use, but there is a clicking noise that has continued.” – William F McKenzie

DeLonghi TRV0715TB Vento Oil-Filled Radiator with High-Speed Convection

Effectively and quickly heat any room of the house with the DeLonghi Vento portable oil-filled radiator. Want immediate relief from the cold in the shortest time possible? This heater’s unique design allows heated air to rise faster and gain high speed, producing hotter air than a standard oil-filled radiator.

Product Research
  • “This radiator did a great job heating up a small bedroom.” – Lor
  • “You can feel the heat flowing.” – Aria Davis Crump
  • “Fair Warning: Buy NOTHING with a mechanical dial timer from DeLonghi.” – D. A. Sherman

Soleus MS-09 Energy-Saving Electric Motorized Oscillating Dish Space Heater
Soleus Air

Reflective heating technology replicates the sun’s healthy rays, directly warming the person or object in front of the heater. Remarkably efficient, our reflective heater uses less power to create instant and comfortable heat.

Expert Advice
  • “For a quick warm up, or spot heating, this really is a very efficient little heater for those applications.” – L. Williams
  • “It is very nice to heat a small room, specially when you need to feel warm right away, just stand in front of it.” – Orquidlady
  • “Each lasted about 13 months, one month over the warranty.” – Mr.K

Lasko #100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater

Lasko’s #100 MyHeat Personal Heater economically warms you. Not a room heater; a personal space heater. Why pay to heat the entire room or office.

  • “It is a small, energy-efficient heater perfect for heating just your personal space (for example, a small bathroom, or the area around your work desk).” – Kamila
  • “Great for under my desk to keep feet and legs warm.” – Nor R. Brunschwyler
  • “It works great to heat my desk area when the office gets cold during the winters.” – Ashley-Marie Medina

Lasko 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater, 16-Inch

The Lasko #5307 oscillating ceramic tower heater with adjustable thermostat is self-regulating for enhanced safety. Provides maximum heat at 1500-watt.

Buying Guides
  • “This is a very good small heater and will put out quite a bit of heat.” – Steve Williams
  • “I have a basement room in my house that can get pretty chilly during the midwest winters (approx.” – Dustin
  • “Heater makes a slight noise when it is on, but it’s not very noticeable and is kind of nice as ambient background noise.” – Ida

Lasko 6462 Full Circle Ceramic Heater with Remote

The Lasko # 6462 Full Circle Warmth ceramic heater sweeps warmth up to a full 360-Degree. 25-Inch height projects warmth around the room. Features multi-function remote control.

  • “This little heater has a great output, fits in a small space, and is pretty quiet.” – Jerry McRoy
  • “The remote control is a nice convenience.” – Larry S Bothe
  • “Very well made and looks good.” – TotRet

Lifesmart Compact Power Plus 800 Square Foot Infrared Heater w/Remote

The LIFESMART Compact Power Plus 800 Square Foot Heater is the first in our series of high heat output Infrared Heaters that are revolutionary in design to offer you safe & healthy heat for a room area of up to 800 square feet and save you money and energy.

Consumer Reviews
  • “It is a perfect size and works great for a small room!” – Tammy LaPenta
  • “And I wish the timer could be set to BOTH turn the heater on and then after a number of hours turn it off; which cannot be done.” – Rachel
  • “Easy to setup and remote controller is nice to use.” – Gordon Kisabeth

Lifesmart Ultimate 8 Element 1800 Square Foot Infrared Heater W/ Air Ionizer System Deluxe  All Wood Cabinet & Remote

This is our most powerful LIFESMART Infrared heater. The revolutionary design offers you safe & healthy heat for a room area of up to 1800 square feet.

Customer Reviews
  • “This is a very safe product and looks great too.” – TommyB0y
  • “Heats up my large living room very well, has great features.” – DonJon
  • “Keeps the temp an even 69 to 70 degrees throughout.” – Kyle S

Lasko 5365 Ceramic Pedestal Heater with Remote Control

Lasko’s #5365 30 Digital Space-Saving Ceramic Pedestal Heater with multi-function Remote Control offers 1500 watts of comfort.

Product Reviews
  • “Works great and perfect for what I wanted in a small room heater.” – momma10268
  • “I love that it has a remote control and timer.” – Mamaille
  • “The remote is not all that great i think cos sometimes the buttons work and sometimes it doesn’t…overall good product. will definitely recommend.” – J. Sam

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